Timeless Advantage

Timeless Advantage

Improve your profitability!

Just a small improvement in your pricing will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Timeless Advantage is an online, self-paced course that shows you the concepts and practical application of adopting value based pricing (or what we call “Timeless Pricing”).

It’s simple: Change your business model. Improve your profitability.

When we talk about your “business model” we are really talking about how you make money. The predominant business model in the legal profession is based on the billable hour. This model has worked in the past. However, the practice of law is changing rapidly.

Today’s lawyers no longer have a monopoly on the law.

We face competition from a variety of non-traditional sources. The billable hour model is being challenged by online legal do-it-yourself websites, virtual law offices, the commoditization of some legal services and a record number of practising lawyers. Many lawyers are reacting by discounting their hourly rates and working longer hours further eroding margins and profitability.

But, ultimately, lawyers will not be able to effectively compete with these challenges on the billable hour model. There is a better way; an optimal business model. This business model is not based on the billable hour. It is about value based pricing. Value based pricing is now the most highly recommended pricing model by leading consultants and academics alike. A large percentage of lawyers would like to adopt this model but do not know how to do so quickly and cost effectively. Our Timeless Advantage Educational Program is an online, self-paced course that shows you the concepts and practical application of adopting value based pricing (or what we call “Timeless Pricing”).

Better margins, and better
client relationships

In an easy to follow online, self-paced educational program, you’ll:

  • 1Learn how to gain a competitive advantage with Timeless Pricing.
  • 2Learn how Timeless Pricing can create a better work environment and happier clients.
  • 3Learn an easy step by step process quickly and cost effectively.
  • 4Learn how to discuss Timeless Pricing with your clients.
  • 5Learn how to work out your pricing for any given matter.

Adopt the model that’s raising relevance,
respect and profits for professionals.

The Timeless Advantage Educational Program is based on Ron Baker’s seminal book Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms. Ron is unquestionably the world’s leading expert and thought leader on value based pricing in professional firms, founder of The VeraSage Institute, a highly regarded economist, best selling author and speaker. In conjunction with our Senior Pricing Director John Chisholm, a senior fellow of The VeraSage Institute, Ron’s profound analysis is mapped into the Timeless Advantage Educational Program.

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